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The Nikon 105mm Macro f/2.8 delivers similarly stunning quality of close up objects.24-70mm f/2.8 Jasmine calls this her “lazy girl lens,” since it allows her to shoot multiple pictures without changing lenses.Dela Torre prefers to capture moments as they happen during a wedding, while Jasmine interchanges captured moments with poses.Both the Canon version and the Nikon 50mm f/1.4 are great lenses for a new photographer to use while building a portfolio, since they are both affordable and captures great photos.Hesitant to fork over the heavy price tag on a camera or lens that you’re not familiar with?Try renting it first from our friends at Borrow Lenses to see if it’s right for you.Jasmine’s husband, wedding photographer JD Dela Torre, uses this lens, finding that they suit his own stylistic needs perfectly.Jasmine, however, finds that interchanging it with other lenses is perfect for her.

While this list is not all-encompassing, it is a good starting point for anyone wanting to know what are some of the best cameras to use for their next wedding photography shoot.This lens is essential because wedding photographers often find themselves shooting a ceremony in a poorly-lit church.To get the desired results from a respectable distance, a wedding photographer needs a lens that provides a high-quality zoom.While other L-series lenses excel at capturing width, the 35 lens measures closely to what the eye naturally sees, from periphery to periphery.The Nikon equivalent 35mm f/1.4 is a comparably exceptional low-light lens that is perfect for capturing the subtleties in portraits.