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- a comprehensive source of information on relationship with ladies of the former Soviet Union, from introduction to receiving a visa; links to numerous dating agencies; message board, chat and much more.Highly recommended for anyone considering a possibility of international marriage.The story tells how they corresponded, how they met and... 100% Free Russian Women Guide - FREE Advice for Men.

Even if this person is for certain not suitable to you, he or she may introduce you to your ideal partner or serve another purpose in your life. So, Internet dating sites are not all about finding your ideal match, it's just an Internet place where you can get acquainted with new people and discuss any problem that bothers you.

I-net dating and further marriages are as a rule risky despite the fact that marriages arranged by parents have been popular for years.

Foreign women confront with different troubles from language barrier to feeling lonely.

NET - One man's story about his tour to Russia in search for a Russian wife.

He placed his ad in Russia and many beautiful Russian women responded.