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This was remodelled in the 18th century by Medmenham's most notorious resident, Sir Francis Dashwood, and the meetings of the Hell Fire Club were held there until the discreditable nature of these was exposed.The Abbey is well screened and is best viewed from the Berkshire bank of the Thames.However, income at the Saint Paul's Coffee, Drinks and Cake stand just managed to break the all time record of income for our stand, set the previous year.

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A joyful congregation filled Saint Paul's again this year, and found inspiration waiting for them at our annual Christmas Carol Service.Children accompanied by parents and grandparents take great delight in this simple ceremony that includes a procession around the church with the Baby Jesus, placing him in his manger bed in the Saint Paul's Crèche.The service concludes with the lighting of the Christingle oranges, symbolic of the bright light of Christ reaching out to the four corners of the globe.Archbishop Bernard Barsi of Monaco (second right) joined clergy representing the various traditions that make the Ecumenical Kermesse "ecumenical", for the annual clergy lunch offered by the Greek and Spanish cultural organisations at the Kermesse -- with coffee and drinks from Saint Paul's!Our own Spencer Hodge (second right) joined Nick Danzinger (left) and an important group of artists active in the Principality and invited artists from Russia at the opening of the annual Monaco Art Show on Thursday 3 December.