What is appropriate dating for early teens

Your teen needs to know exactly how you feel and what you expect.Be direct, so trouble with focus doesn’t keep your teen from taking in what you’re saying.There was a time when your little girl thought boys were icky and your son teased all the girls at the playground. Your daughter is now drawing hearts around a classmate's name and your son has admitted that he doesn't just like the girl on his soccer team, he like likes her. "It is typical for early adolescents to express interest in and have crushes," says Dr.Laura Kauffman, a child and adolescent psychologist in Menlo Park, California.Your child just might need a little more guidance from you.Here are eight ways to help your son or daughter with ADHD avoid problem spots and make smart choices when it comes to dating.

Group dating is good practice for exercising good judgment.

Kids with ADHD often do best when they have structure and boundaries. That’s why it’s important to set rules about dating—and stick with them.

One rule might be that your teen must introduce you to the person she plans to hang out with before being allowed to go.

It can also help kids stay safe and make better decisions.

For instance, kids who don’t want to be alone with their date can ask a friend to stay close by or help come up with an excuse to leave.

What is appropriate dating for early teens