When to remove your online dating profile

So I actually signed into OKCupid and saw that there was an option to disable the account. My resume is still out there somewhere even though I've been here for 2 years now. Tommorow will be 18 months with "AWESOME internet girlfriend", been living together for 4-7 months (I took a 3 month notice to move out). I'd be careful, those internet chicks are psychic, they know the second you had that hard earned date, and the second you got laid and the second you realized you found the one, because they just come out of the woodwork wanting a piece of you, tons of 'em. I don't say you have to take it down, but if you don't indicate you are not available, you are merely wasting people's time.Been married 4 months now to the man I met on OKCupid and I haven't taken my profile down. I personally am not in a place where I can take a relationship (I've explained why at length on here.) So my profile just flat out says I'm not really looking.I just got married July 20, and deleted all my online dating profiles about a week ago when I got an email from e Harmony that a guy I had sent questions to in Feb of 2008 had responded to them. That prompted me to delete it and go check other sites I had profiles on and make sure they were deleted as well.That reminds me of a guy who wrote to me a couple of years after I wrote to him.

It's better to ask these questions now than to stumble on them later!

Users who are deleted may not signup to the service again. This feature was removed for men because of nudity. If you are looking to update details in your POF profile, change your username or your registration information, please click here or Read more... Scroll down to the "Username" field at the very bottom of the page, and enter your new username.

Then, click "Update Registration" to save your change. If a user is deleted than all of their messages are removed immediately. Go here Delete account Go to My Account if your upgrade was purchased via itunes it must be managed via Itunes Apple Store. There, click the green Click to Upload Image button, and select your image. If you forgot your login credentials, please enter your email address here Becoming an Upgraded Member on POF unlocks all of our great features, getting your profile the most attention! Download the latest version of the free POF i Phone App here.

Prompted by this thread, though I've been pondering starting a thread on this for a while. (I'm specifically excluding relationships that are acknowledged by both parties to be non-exclusive) I waited a really long time, but I think that's just because I'm a space cadet.

One of the new issues that comes from the popularity of online dating is the question of when you should take your profile down and the meanings and implications of doing so. I've been in a steady relationship since December, but just hadn't bothered taking down my OKCupid profile because...well, I have no good reason, honestly.

When to remove your online dating profile