When widowed older parents start dating

The same principle applies to your life in general.

You have to take care of your own emotional, mental, and physical needs before you can help your children.

If you've ever taken a commercial airliner, you've heard the flight attendant tell passengers that if there should be a change in pressure and the oxygen mask drops down, parents should always breathe into it first before assisting their children.

The theory is that if you don't get any oxygen, you'll be unable to help your child.

While other single parents are probably the most likely to be interested in dating someone with children, there are lots of people who have no children of their own who would be delighted with a ready-made family.

Even if you fit the description of single mom or dad, it's important for you to realize that you are more than just a parent.

The best gift you can give your children is the example of a well-balanced, happy adult life.You are a vibrant, energetically alive adult who deserves to have a social life.To help make the transition from mommy or daddy to date, lover, boyfriend or girlfriend, stop thinking of yourself as just a parent, and start thinking of yourself as an attractive, devastatingly sexy single.And who do you think your resentment's going to affect most? I'm only going to say this once, so I want you to pay careful attention.You do not need approval from your children in order to date!