Who are tegan and sara dating now

And I remember sitting there watching the bears go by, and the naked people, and the Dykes on Bikes, and I just remember having this compulsion to turn to my mom and be like, “That’s not me! ” And just one float after another, of the young twinks in their underwear all spraying each other down. But as a 20-year-old, I absolutely just wanted to say, “I’m just like you, mom.

I just want to have a girlfriend and move in together and get a cat and play music and I don’t wanna get naked and ride around on a motorcycle!

And my mom, who I think was initially a little shocked when Sara and I came out because, although I think she knew, she was scared.

You know, we were gonna be musicians and not go to university, and we were gay, and I think she just thought, “Oh Lord, what kind of life are you gonna have?

But for people everywhere, even for me, who’s not even American, it’s normalizing something.

It’s just a huge sigh of relief that people at that level would do that. ” And I didn’t think about it either, but then, when someone wants to take away your rights, then it’s like, “hold on a second.” And I agree with you, I know lots of Republicans, I have Republicans in my family.

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They’re Western Canadians by birth, but years ago Sara Quin headed east, to live in Montréal and New York, leaving the territory left of the Continental Divide to sister Tegan.

And then those people turn around and say, “well, we’ve got to protect marriage.”Oh my God, it’s like you’ve been eavesdropping on my life for the past month. And I absolutely do feel like there is now this pressure on gay people where we too now have to get married or else our relationships aren’t as significant or relevant.

People say it to me all the time, gay and straight, “when are you gonna take it to the next level?

So I think a true Tegan and Sara fan will absolutely still hear the essence of Tegan and Sara.

But it’s just a little more slick and it’s definitely not as much of a rock band record, that’s for sure.

Who are tegan and sara dating now