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Let us not forget the eruptions of violence in Paris, Hong Kong, the Middle East and the Ukraine.The mass slaughtering, as well as the kidnapping of girls and young women in Nigeria have remained unsolved.It could promote better relationships in our places of education and work, and promote more peaceful communities.It might even help reduce political polarization and lead to a less-violent culture, which better nourishes the morals, spirits and hopes of America’s youth.Johnson brought evidence of the unjust laws used against the “Friendship 9” to the attention of 16th Circuit Solicitor Kevin Brackett.Brackett has since agreed to vacate the “Friendship 9’s” arrest records relative to the 1961 trespassing charges.The urgency of my father’s challenge to embrace Nonviolence 365 has never been more compelling as we have witnessed increased violence in America and throughout the world.Police-community conflicts in Ferguson, Missouri, Staten Island, New York, and Cleveland, Ohio, among other cities, have produced terrible tragedies resulting in the senseless deaths of young people and other innocent citizens.

As a young man, Lewis was arrested many times and beaten by authorities as he demonstrated for civil and voting rights for black Americans.

Their example sparked the “Jail, No Bail” phase of the modern Civil Rights Movement.

In 2014, Kimberly Johnson, author of "No Fear for Freedom: The Story of the Friendship 9," became involved with The King Center.

Also, the death toll caused by wars, poverty and the ecological footprint throughout the world are grim, global reminders that the World House that my father so often spoke about cannot stand if its inhabitants fail to embrace nonviolence as lifestyle.

This is not to deny the progress that has been made toward alleviating some of the worst social pathologies my father confronted during his leadership of the American Civil Rights Movement.