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There was a company that screened many, many women, and they actually put it on DVD to give the folks at my label and management and myself. one day we were out on the road, and we got the DVD through the mail. Hands down, I think everybody at the label picked this girl here.

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With any luck, country music will catch up to the rest of the world within the next 50 years. I think this should put an end to the gay question. )Rest assured, there are a lot of gay artists in country music.Failing the audition, after high school he moved to Nashville to pursue his career in country music.After almost being offered to join RCA Records, he signed to Mercury Records in 2003. But if I was in Georgia, I’d be on a boat out on the ocean somewhere fishing. The fried chicken, the green beans, the mashed potatoes and the biscuits that she cooked. If you had your choice to do a duet of your own song, who would you want to be your duet partner? There are not a lot of great up-tempo duets, I’d say, but those ballads, those love songs are definitely my favorite duets. One of my favorite singers in country music now would be Le Ann Rimes. Maybe get on my four-wheeler and go out there and ride all day or go ride horses. If you could eat a good meal before you take a long road trip, what would you get? I’ll definitely go back to some of that good cooking I had from my grandma growing up. I’ve seen enough of that when you was a baby.” (laughs) 15.