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Harding, his daughter Nicky and the family for permitting their use. Owners of the copyright of photos are being sought for their permission."In the Welsh 'Soccer' scene, the earliest Clubs to emerge were exclusively in the North of Wales where the gentlemen farmers and University graduates had the leisure time to take up the sport. Keen tackler who commands respect from opposing forwards.

My thanks to the many people who have assisted with supplying names and other information relating to Newtown F. The Wrexham Club have the reputation of being the first organised Club to emerge in the Principality in 1873.

who had won the Welsh Cup in 1879, and the newspaper reported on that celebration dinner at which it was reported: "We have got a gentleman here who can date back fifteen years as Mr Evan Morris is the vice-president (FA of Wales). Catton's book 'The Real Football' printed in 1900, was an amplification of a lecture given to the members of Notts County FC in November, 1890, and stated on page 200: "Wrexham is quite an ancient home of the game, for a club was established there in 1864."He is seen below, taking a break from his studies at Glamorgan University, where he aims to obtain a degree, to coach potential Newtown football stars in the under 13 Newtown White Stars team, and the club's academy. Newtown won because their team work was far superior. Evans had been a member of the Welsh international football team in the Old Country. But do not run away with the idea that there is no one left who can play football.

Members of the newly formed Newtown Club took part in a final on the 'Cunnings' field (where the Bowling Club & Town Car Park are located today). The 'Stars' were described as 'not being as powerful as their opponents', but during the first goalless half, displayed wonderful agility, and their powers of endurance and stamina were a theme of general praise. In 1907, a friendly encounter was contested by Newtown North End and the White Stars. Oswald Hannan 4th and Richie Jones 9th in the back row. There was talk at one time of a new town club being formed by some old players, but so far nothing has been done. There is however considerable evidence that the Druids, who played at Plas Madoc Park, Ruabon, were formed earlier. Yet in two articles in the local newspapers, mention is made of the formation dates of both clubs - the 'Druids' being formed some four years ago in a speech after a game in 1877 and in an after dinner speech in 1879 after 'The White Stars' Welsh Cup victory, Mr Evan Morris, President of Wrexham Football Club, in the above address in Newtown, following Wrexham's defeat to Newtown White Stars in the 1878/79 Welsh Cup Final, states that Wrexham had existed for 15 years - ie since 1864. A great number assembled at the station at 7.25 to see the Stars return to Newtown. This decision was a far sighted one and the present Officers, Committee, supporters and players owe so much to their counterparts for their vision, all those years ago. Jones recalls using George's liniment which consisted of a concoction of mixed oils and grit, which was applied to a player's calf and thigh muscles. Also it gives us much pleasure to see two Newtown players;- The Supporters' Club was formed in the early part of the 1952/53 Season and up to the end of the 1954/55 Season, as a result of its activities, has been able to hand over £2,750 to the Newtown F. for ground improvements and the wages of the Player-Coach. Hughes are also players of no mean ability and coupled with our regulars, our team should generally be much strengthened."I missed an empty net from one or two yards out, after 'Cutter' had forced his way down the right wing with a mazy run and put in a fine cross. On their arrival at 9.30, bells were peeled, the approaches to the station were crowded as the Newtown Brass Band played a variety of tunes, which included 'See the Conquering Hero comes'. There was a feeling in Newtown that the clubs ought to be united, because if they were divided, inevitably some time or other they would be defeated, although the White Star had shown great pluck hitherto, as had also the Newtown Club. Brian went through both his scrapbooks containing nostalgic press cuttings and photos, described many of the action shots in over 50 photographs, and reminisced many a match from the programmes he has also kept. It gave a tingling sensation and was very welcome in wet and cold conditions, having its own particular smell. The Football Club have also been assured that the expenses of the Isle of Man Amateur Soccer Competition, June 1956, will be met from Club funds. Owen, the Welsh Amateur International and his inclusion should do much to consolidate the middle line. Edgar patted me on the head and said it could have happened to anyone. as a Clerk, Graham was honoured by Welsh Association of Boy's Clubs recently at Hull against the English Boy's Clubs.