Who is john cusack dating now

Better Off Dead and One Crazy Summer is when I originally thought he was cute and just perfectly geekish.

I don't want to do that."To paraphrase Azrealot: I'm pretty sure all (boys) are (openly in lust)with (Britney Spears).

Instead, he’s thrived despite his unconventional career choices.

What other star of his generation avoids action-hero roles and focuses most of his energy on playing the brainy everyman in smart, quirky movies that almost, but don’t quite, flirt with being uncommercial — and makes it work?

His mother, Nancy, was a teacher, and three of his siblings, including his sister Joan, are actors. I’m sixfoot- two and my hobby is water polo, and in my spare time I’m a biochemist. Cusack: Besides being unseemly, it’s a disaster on a business level. When I was younger I thought that unless a movie had a certain significance, it was no good. Playboy: Do you intentionally try to mix up your roles so you make small and big, art and commercial, and heavier and lighter movies? I’m not a traditional leading man in Hollywood movie-star kinds of roles. You still get a sense of the actor’s soul, but not much. It was a pretty good trump card in high school: “Yeah, I just did a movie.” Before that, I could never get the really fantastic girls to talk to me. Playboy: Was the most fierce criticism that you humanized Adolf Hitler? I mean, it’s comforting, but it’s medicine that makes you sicker.

Cusack began acting in his teens and landed his first roles while still in high school. Cusack: I don’t want to settle down and have a family with you. I think donkeys are erotic.” Who do you think I could attract with that résumé? Are you revealing that you’re not a confirmed bachelor? If you want to keep people interested in you, the worst thing you can do is go off into the celebrity Ethernet. It was interesting; my relationship to it had changed. Those movies are interested in little snapshots of humans, but not real humans. My mother was probably more into social protest, but my father was involved too. His reaction to Vietnam was shaped by his experiences in the earlier war. Cusack: It got better once I got into the film business. They were into the jocks or whoever — the popular guy, who wasn’t me. They started looking at me a little bit differently. You have to learn from history, which is complex and dynamic.

After Cusack completed Runaway Jury and before he set off on a vacation in South Africa, Playboy sat him down for an interview at a hotel in Santa Monica, California with contributing editor David Sheff. It’s simple: If you don’t read it, it doesn’t exist. I’ve told my friends, even my mother, “Don’t tell me.” Unless it’s libelous, I don’t want to know. Nobody can call any of the people who write that junk “journalists.” They’re jackals. Playboy: Do you admit that you sometimes feed into it? When I saw their pictures in the interviewss, I remember thinking, God, I want to be the guy who gets to sleep with her — and I was the guy who was sleeping with her. Of course, if you make a movie, you want to see it on the big screen, which is harder to do than ever. Playboy: You also worked with your father, who wrote documentaries. But Hitler didn’t have the honesty, or the ability, to do that. I’m not giving a blanket endorsement of Clinton centrism, but I am saying that the races are going to have to live together.

I had no idea he was dating actress Jodi Lyn O’Keefe, and now is reporting that the two have broken up over a disagreement whether to marry.

His first movie role, at the age of 16, was in a tacky sex comedy called Class.

But in 1989 he was unforgettable in Cameron Crowe’s Say Anything, in which he plays a kickboxer who stands outside the window of the girl of his dreams (Ione Skye) and blasts Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” on his boom box.

, a penchant for privacy, family love, radical politics and that tall, lanky body that all girls secretly swoon for. I find it surprising whenever John Cusack’s love life gets press.

He plays all of the personal stuff very close to the vest, and has never said one word about most of the famous women he’s rumored to have romanced over the years.