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MORE: Blac Chyna’s Post-Baby Bod Is Totally Insane — See the Bikini Pic! MORE: Blac Chyna’s Booty Looked Way Different Before She Was a Kardashian BFF Two Instagram posts in a row on May 17 featured Rob’s sock line, Arthur George.

“My best friend knows I love socks and the Kardashians.

They're just living their lives — and even took a selfie together when they met face to face.

I got a frantic phone call from my mom the other day. “Did you see that Tyga is dating a Kim Kardashian look-alike?!

Ever since he and Kylie Jenner broke up, he's been spotted with a number of women who all bear a weird resemblance to Kylie. She happens to look almost exactly like Kylie's older sister, Kim Kardashian.

Tyga was spotted out and about in Los Angeles with model Kamilla Osman on Wednesday, reports, even treating her to a shopping spree.

previously reported, the Kardashians aren’t exactly thrilled about Rob’s new relationship.

“Rob’s been seeing Mehgan James for almost three months, and most of the Kardashians are very upset about it because Mehgan is known for being out of control and volatile,” a source told the mag.

Tyga's thoughts are actually really deep and make a lot of sense. I'm glad the two of them are able to move on and be in happy relationships.

Here's where it gets really weird, though — even Kim K thinks that the resemblance between her and Osman is uncanny, because she invited her twin to appear on last year.

At this point, Tyga has to be trolling Kylie — either that, or he has a weirdly specific taste in women, to the point where he just won't date anyone who doesn't look like a missing Kar-Jenner family member.

So for me that's a big thing," Scott said in a solo interview with the As the episode progressed, Scott joined Kim for a trip to Dubai, where the 36-year-old mother of two attended a makeup conference, while Scott made a publicity appearance at the grand opening of the city's Sugar Factory. I'm going to stay the course.' He fully has said that to me three times." "This is probably the worst thing I could ever hear, ever," Scott said in a solo interview after trying and failing to keep a smile on his face as he shook hands with fans at the Sugar Factor opening. security will escort you the f**k out of here," Kim yelled at the girl as she walked out.

Speaking with her friends at lunch, Kim opened up about Scott's battle to stay sober and healthy in an attempt to be a better person, and how that battle is made much harder when he hears about Kourtney moving on with her love life. He's been doing amazing for months," Kim said, referring to Scott's successful stint in rehab and his subsequent clean living. "I don't think she realized a friend of my saw her. I feel like everything I've been working so hard for is kind of done now." "For years I was trying to be supportive, but letting him know in the meantime -- while he's showing his consistency -- that I have to live my life and make myself happy," Kourtney explained.