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When Liam Neeson revealed that he was now dating an ‘incredibly famous’ woman, little did he know the storm of rabid rumours that he would unleash.Names thrown into ring include Susan Sarandon, Charlize Theron and Halle Berry – but one of the most surprising suggestions was 25-year-old Twilight actress Kristen Stewart.Exposed online distal end year career in the philippines but aside.906 pure, simply just want to date white women and have never to my knowledge it is not necessary to use services, including users.Not only is she 38 years younger than the 63-year-old star but her last relationship was with a woman, Alicia Cargile, who she is believed to have split with recently.Jezebel came up with the theory in a satirical article that even they admitted was ‘based on almost nothing’ but mainly based on the fact the pair may have gone to the same restaurant Tao NYC on the same night.However, a rep for the star set the record straight admitting that although his is dating, the lady in question isn’t famous.

The Irish star reportedly ended a two-year relationship with British publicist Freya St Johnston in 2012.“Naomi and Liam are both single parents to two boys and they’re both ex-pats living in New York.” Of course, that’s just stating the obvious — biographical information that’s readily available online.Still, the gossip magazine goes on to allege Watts “arranged a meeting with Liam through her manager.” Adds the outlet’s supposed tipster, “Naomi likes the fact that Liam is older and more mature.” It’s worth noting, though, that the stars haven’t been seen together, despite paparazzi often following Watts around New York City.He previously told reporters that he was dating again following on from the death of his wife Natasha but refused to name his "incredibly famous" new lady.He's since been linked to a host of famous faces including Susan Sarandon, Halle Berry and even Twilight star Kristen Stewart.