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But Lula quickly defies expectations—first with her impish personality and ability to repeatedly outwit Eisenberg’s J.Daniel Atlas, then throughout the movie as she demonstrates a knack for magic tricks involving severed limbs, pickpocketing, esoteric science vocabulary, motorcycle riding, and meta-commentary, among other things.“We wrote the character with Lizzy in mind, before we even knew she was available,” Chu said. That kind of energy—and Ed [Solomon] wrote it in brilliantly—this woman who loves bloody gross-out guts magic.”Like the illusions performed by Lula and the other magicians, the movie often sets up something familiar only to subvert it—and often, the twist comes from Lula herself.Attending a public school for the first time, Cady meets new classmates Janis Ian and Damian Leigh.The two educate Cady on the school's various cliques and warn her to avoid the most popular and infamous one, the "Plastics", who are led by queen bee Regina George and include rich but insecure Gretchen Wieners and airhead Karen Smith.Lula’s no femme fatale—she’s just a talented, smart girl who knows what she wants and is prepared to voice her desires. The defining moment for Lula and Wilder’s relationship—as well as Lula’s relationship with the audience—comes when Wilder tells her that when he gets close to women, he tends to leave with their wallets.

"There's nothing more offensive than when a guy only uses half of his tongue on the first date," she says.

Lula herself points out the awkward “token woman” dilemma early on, introducing herself to the group as “the girl Horseman,” and she doesn’t stop there.

As the group prepares for a high-speed chase in another scene, Lula balks as one of her male counterparts asks if she knows how to ride a motorcycle.“There’s a line in there about the motorcycle: ‘Did you ask any of the guys that question? “That was not in the script; she [Caplan] just ad-libbed that.”And unlike the previous movie, which set its female Horseman up as the object of desire for not one but .

But when they arrive, the gang finds out they got it twisted: the scientist is a woman, and the bimbo is actually a mimbo.

Just as everyone starts to panic, Lula shucks her coat and starts spouting science jargon like a pro.