Who is mike lobel dating

In Season 5, they spent more time together, and ended up kissing one night.Paige was initially confused about Alex’s interest, and though they started dating, they broke up soon after.Jay scoffs and walks away, indicating that he is scared of him.An episode later, he discovers Marco's homosexuality after reading what Spinner wrote on the wall in the boys' washroom and took a disliking to him.He was also a member of "The Candy Bandits." He was usually portrayed as the school bully and bad boy, but later throughout the series he displays instances of conscience that make him more of an anti-hero.Jay's mother died when he was young and he lost touch with his father after he made a scene at the wedding between his dad and his third wife. He is currently in a relationship with Manny Santos.This led to Alex ending her friendship with Amy and breaking up with Jay.

When Emma trips him at the Dot, Jay was there with Alex, and her friends.Emma, still on her dangerous diet, tries to make up excuses to friends and family about why she's not eating and is having problems.She alienates Manny and tells her she's dating Peter.Show: Degrassi: The Next Generation TV: Cable / Network: Syndication Character Status: Regular Endgame: None Orientation: Lesbian Show Status: Over Introduced in: 2003-2004 / Final season: 2007-2008Appeared in seasons: 2003-2004, 2004-2005, 2005-2006, 2006-2007, 2007-2008 Alex attended Community School in Toronto.She was originally known as the show’s “bad girl” and had once been a stripper at a bar in order to make ends meet; however, as the seasons progressed, she lost her rebellious persona.