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Talking to the Daily Express, the 31-year-old explained she no longer feels pressure to get married, after splitting from her first husband Jamie Gilbert - who she insists is still a 'good friend'.Rachel Riley might be the resident maths whizz on Countdown, but she's also a bit of style star.

) is a house or mansion constructed at immediate waterside (almost exclusively seaside, particularly on the Bosphorus strait in Istanbul) and usually built with an architectural concept that takes into account the characteristics of the coastal location.The most expensive yalı is "Erbilgin Yalısı" located in Yeniköy, Istanbul.Forbes magazine listed "Erbilgin Yalısı" as the fifth most expensive house in the world with a price tag of 0 million.A family who owned a waterside residence would spend some time in this usually secondary residence located at the sea shore, as opposed to the "konak" (mansion, aside from the term's use to refer to buildings with administrative functions) or the "köşk" (pavilion, often serving a determined practical purpose, such as hunting, or implying a temporary nature).Thus, going to the "yalı" acquired the sense of both going to the seaside and to the house situated there.