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The design calls for tacklers to execute hits to the dummy’s lower half.

“We’ve been doing that every day, and it’s a big part of where we’re at,” said Cougars Coach Rob Elliott, whose team has gone 4-0 since the Towson loss.

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So in practice the following week, Chesapeake’s coaching staff brought out its set of Shadowman tackling dummies, tools that can be dragged around to create the illusion of a scampering runner.

The small wins at the line of scrimmage, the downfield blocks from receivers, the 12-yard completions to the tight end on play-action do the talking. Brooks hopes enough of them will wear down a Gonzaga defense that has been the pleasant surprise so far. “That’s what’s going to win us a championship.” Here are some notes from our high school football beat reporters from around the region.

» Chesapeake gets low, wins four straight As Chesapeake watched film of its season-opener, reliving the horrors of a 30-point loss to Towson, an alarming pattern came into focus: The Cougars weren’t playing football low enough to the ground.

— » MAGRUDER WINS FIRST GAME IN TWO YEARS Magruder’s game against Northwood last Thursday night featured a few milestones.

The Colonels’ 41-0 win was their first victory in 691 days, dating back to Nov. And perhaps more importantly for Coach Ray Fowle as he looks for rising talent and consistency to overcome a winless 2016 season, the quarterback leading the charge scored his first passing and rushing touchdowns at the position.