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When Bernadette suffers a miscarriage, Karen decides to do a memorial after speaking to Shirley Carter (Linda Henry).Keegan punches Callum (Shaun Aylward) when he realises he is the father, but Callum joins the family for the memorial and Bernadette reveals they were going to name their daughter Belle.Shakil and Bex are both interviewed by the police and given warnings, and Bex takes the blame despite being innocent.Shakil blames Keegan for all the problems and fights with him, which is stopped by Shakil's mother, Carmel Kazemi (Bonnie Langford), who bans Keegan from the Kazemi house because of what he did.

Superman: [is shown pushing the other end of it back into their tunnel] I'll say it hit something impenetrable.While in the local supermarket, the Minute Mart, Keegan attempts to steal a bottle of drink but Derek Harkinson (Ian Lavender) threatens to call the police, and though Keegan says the CCTV is only for show, Derek tells him that may or may not be the case and convinces Keegan to return the drink.Keegan arrives at Louise's house after Madison and Alexandra invite people.After Travis humiliates Keegan in front of his schoolmates, Keegan tells Louise that they had sex at the party, but Louise says he is lying, but worries after Madison and Alexandra tell her that Keegan is telling people about Louise's birthmark.Honey Mitchell (Emma Barton) sees Keegan stealing a magazine in the Minute Mart, but is afraid to confront him.