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Jerry Bruckheimer, Skydance chief David Ellison, Dana Goldberg and Don Granger are producing. He won Academy Awards for directing “Brokeback Mountain” and “Life of Pi,” and was nominated for “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.” Smith will next be seen starring opposite Joel Edgerton in the futuristic police thriller “Bright,” set for a December release by Netflix.

In 2009, the late Curtis Hanson had been attached to direct “Gemini Man” from a script by David Benioff, about an aging NSA agent who’s targeted for death when he tries to retire.

For years, the project faced trouble getting made because some felt the state of special effects couldn’t make the costly movie happen.

De-aging effect has gotten better and better over the years, though, to the point where even Martin Scorsese is going to de-age his stars with his next film (see also: and the various Marvel movies).

Jaden wore a black sweatshirt, colorful blue jeans, and a red bag, while Odessa sported a yellow sweater, black sweatpants, and heeled black boots.

At the panel, Smith, Ayer and the cast explained a bit about the world. “It was really great to be an African-American police officer who found someone to be racist against,” he said.

A Bright, it seems is someone who uses magic, a wand like a nuclear weapon that grants wishes.

In addition, star Will Smith is still "interested" in the project.

director Joe Carnahan was originally hired to direct, but he withdrew in March, citing "scheduling issues." At the time it was reported that Sony was actively looking for a new director, with three names under consideration.