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In early 2009, for instance, a hacker was able to break into Twitter accounts belonging to celebrities because he had broken into Twitter’s administrator’s console. The Twitter employee was using a password of “Happiness”.

Here’s a You Tube video I made a while back showing how to choose a hard-to-crack but easy-to-remember password.

Too many internet users are making poor decisions when choosing their passwords.

, that allows users to both submit questions to be answered and answer questions asked by other users. was officially incorporated on March 2, 1995, and was created by Jerry Yang and David Filo. In extreme, but rare cases (for a Terms of Service violation), the abuser's entire Yahoo! Questions are initially open to answers for four days.

However, comments and answers can still be posted after this time. account with a positive score balance of five points or more.

The points system is weighted to encourage users to answer questions and to limit spam questions.

Otherwise, what’s to stop the new password being “abcdefg”?

It would be a safer world if websites policed the passwords that are submitted by users, and weak choices thrown out.