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There are much better options out there, and we know it.

We just hope that most people will figure out that the better sites will get the job done sooner rather than later. Our number one site is Fuck Book Net.net, and it’s the best of the best.

It was a total waste of time, and while we weren’t surprised, it was really annoying to still spend all that time for absolutely nothing in return. This site drives us nuts, and that’s because no matter where you look, there’s a different scammer on it.

It’s just not going to do you any favors while you’re using it. The whole time we were on this site we found ourselves digging through scam mails and literally going insane through using them. The scammers on this site just don’t know when to quit, and that’s a fact.

Women don’t want to use a site that’s covered in pornographic images.

That’s all this site has, of course, and we figured that out very quickly during our Saucy Dating review.

Based on this scenario Date.com, an online dating service, asked its members: Have you ever snooped on your partner?

Women were more likely than men to snoop with 30 percent admitting...

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It’s not a good site, and it’s not going to get you laid, so what’s the point?

It makes for a really obnoxious dating experience, for starters. Saucy Dating scams are particularly annoying because they just won’t quit.

You logon to a site and you try to find women, but quickly realize there are nothing but scams? You’ll constantly get spam messages while using this site, which means that you’ll constantly be annoyed.

This whole site is an irritation to be sure, but there’s just no point to it at all.

The idea that you might get laid on this site is a joke at best, because there are only scams here.