Yahoo dating service flint michigan

Today, any business can take advantage of its digital connections in a way that only a company like Facebook could do five years ago.In fact, leading analyst group Forrester Research estimates that in a year’s time, one in four enterprises will use graph database technology .Now, you can learn a lot more about a customer if you are a supplier.

Graphs are the analysts’ hot tip You don’t have to be a big global brand like adidas Group to benefit from graph technology.

And their sheer ubiquity and convenience prove that something is working, and that other industries can and should be doing the same thing: making data work harder for you and your customers, so that you too can offer a compelling offer to “swipe right” on. In large volumes, yes – but also data parsed, shaped and manipulated correctly.

All online dating businesses are underpinned by data, with the most accurate and successful using a special approach to data called graph database technology to manage that related data.

As a result, its internal business users can categorize and search for user trend content across every platform and division of the enterprise.

These include marketing campaigns, product specifications, contracted athletes and associated teams to sports categories, gender information and more.

Yahoo dating service flint michigan