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Amidst abject poverty, girls are forced to trade their bodies in exchange for money to buy pads,” Nakajjigo says, adding that businessmen from Kampala who trade in cattle at Maddu cattle market, poach on innocent bodies of girls as young as 13.

On the market day, schools hardly operate but rather lodges filled with school girls trying to ‘earn a living’.

Zasady dołączania stron do Katalogu oraz promocji na naszej witrynie podane są w specjalnym podkatalogu.

Zachęcamy do zapoznania się z nim, a następnie, o ile Państwa strona spełnia wstępne warunki weryfikacji, do skontaktowania się z Instytutem Edukacji Narodowej.

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Esther Nakajjigo, the ambassador for women and girls in Uganda, whose passion is ending teenage pregnancy, says according to their research about 3,211 adolescent girls dropped out of schools between 20 due to lack of sanitary pads.

“I was forced serve him sex because l wanted him to give me money to buy pads to use at school to escape the fun boys used to make of me every time in was in my menstruation...

“Young people are supposed to be guided by their parents.

However girls are not being prepared at home,” says Olivia Kinconco from the reproductive health department at the Ministry of health.