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Her own relationships, which she was open and forthcoming about during an interview at a Sherman Oaks café, have been the inspiration for a number of her creative projects.She said she’s been with her husband, writer-director Daryl Wein, since they met while studying drama together at New York University.Director/writer/producer/actress Zoe Lister-Jones poses at the premiere of the film “Band Aid” at the Eccles Theatre during the 2017 Sundance Film Festival on Tuesday, Jan. (Photo by Arthur Mola/Invision/AP) more Filmmaker Zoe Lister-Jones knows how unusual it is to have an all-female crew — but she held her ground, insisting that was how she wished to make her new film, “Band Aid.”“A lot of people say, ‘Is it an accident that you hired an all-female crew?’ Sadly, it could never be an accident in the climate of the industry as it stands now,” Ms. However, she believes that even such an unorthodox move as this is part of a greater attention to gender disparity in Hollywood decision-making.“I think that while dialogue is really important, it also needs to lead to action,” she said. Because they were so great on their first appearance on the podcast ( RRP 191 ), I invited Daryl Wein & Zoe Lister-Jones to return to the show to bring us up to speed on the latest scientific and political developments in this incredibly important and rapidly evolving world.Few issues are as delicate, controversial or emotionally charged as GMO. Specific topics explored include: was just released on demand. Peace Plants, Listen & Subscribe on i Tunes | Soundcloud | Stitcher | Google Play Check out our new online course: The Ultimate Guide To Conscious Relationships Check out Julie’s new podcastis this week’s interstitial music, written by Nima Fakhrara. You might even have an opinion on the subject of genetically modified food. To date there exists no long-term studies on the impact of GMO on human and environmental health. In case you missed our first conversation, Daryl and Zoe are the filmmaking dynamic duo behind the new HBO drama about the Anita Hill scandal.

That was really nice as an artist to feel that.”While the writer-director is proud of having made “Band Aid” her way and with the crew of all women she desired, Ms.

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Lister-Jones said it is incumbent upon Hollywood decision-makers — both women and men — to continue to try to level out the industry’s gender disparity.“It’s [important to be] vigilant, because it’s easy to lose sight of,” she said, adding that some of the fight for fairness may have been lost in what she called a “post-feminist” culture.“If someone thinks of themselves as progressively minded, that [may be] enough for them, but it has to be put into practice,” she said.

At the beginning of Zoe Lister-Jones’ debut feature film, “Band Aid,” a married couple bickers about the dishes piled up in their kitchen sink.